How to combine XenApp and XenDesktop licenses in XenDesktop 7

Back again with a post regarding Citrix Licensing.

The story behind this post is that during the last few years some customers running XenApp chose to buy some XenDesktop licenses instead of more XenApp lisenses since that made them able to use VDI for a small group of their users and still use the included XenApp licenses that came with XenDesktop in their existing terminal server environment. ( it has to be same versjon i.e Enterprise or Platinum.)

With the arrival of XenDesktop 7 and the fusion of XenApp and XenDesktop, this became a challenge. The customer pointed to the license server and when they configure the product edition in Studio, the XenApp licenses that came with XenDesktop did not aggregate with the “pure” XenApp Lisenses.

An example;

A XenApp 6.5 customer has 100 XenApp Enterprise licenses and are in need of 50 more. He is told that XenDesktop Enterprise is the best thing for him so he buys 50 XenDesktop Enterprise licenses so he can try it out and possibly upgrade all his licenses at a later point in time.
Included with these 50 XenDesktop licenses is XenApp Enterprise so he can now support up to 150 XenApp users.

In XenDesktop Studio we are configuring what licenses to use as we can see in the screenshot below
We can see that I have 2 “pure” XenApp platinum licenses and 2 XenDesktop Platinum licenses.



When we take a look at the license server it actually shows that there should be a total of 4 XenApp Platinum licenses available



I have had a talk with a few customers who were very disappointed by this and they have been told that they had to upgrade all their licenses to the same version, in this example  XenDesktop Enterprise.


What happens when more than 2 users are logging on in my environment?

I created 4 separate accounts who logged in from their respective endpoint. They all could launch a published desktop from a Windows Server 2012R2.

When I started to verify the active sessions in Director I could see all users connected;

Back to Studio.
I could still  see that I was supposed to have 2 licenses and that they are all checked out.

On the license server it stated that all 4 licenses were checked out ( not 2 )


The conclusion is that you still can take advantage of  the XenApp lisenses that is bundled with XenDesktop with your XenApp lisenses in XenDesktop 7 App edition. The main thing to remember here is that it will not show up correctly under the licensing node in Studio.
To be able to get an correct overview of your licenses you will have to use the License Administration Console.

Special thanks to Ole Kristian Lona that made me aware of this.


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