How to get full Insight (Edgesight) functionality in XenDesktop 7.1 App edition

A few days ago I created a blogpost regarding XenApp 6.5 and XenDesktop 7 License Compatibility. ( )

During my research I found that using XenApp Platinum licenses in a XenDesktop App edition environment, Provisioning Services were enabled as part of the Platinum license.

I also mentioned that I believed Insight functionality as well would be “boosted” with use of these licenses, and today I followed up on that thought.

The procedure to find this out were a lot easier than the last time.
I started the environment configured with XenDesktop App edition Concurrent licenses and looked at Trend data in Director. As seen in the screenshot below, I was able to track 7 days of historical data.



I then switched to XenApp Platinum licenses and logged back into Director. As seen in the next screenshot, I was able to track a year of data instead of only 7 days.



This is good news for XenApp Platinum customers who is looking for moving to XenDesktop 7 App Edition, and the only way to get 1 year of historical data in Director without going for XenDesktop Platinum.

I also described a “bug” in my earlier post regarding an error message while I tried to go back to use XenDesktop App edition CCU licenses after I had used XenApp Platinum licenses.
This failed today as well, and I believe this might be “by design” since once you configured the use of Platinum Licenses, extended Insight functionality were enabled and might not be so easy to turn off.


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